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Large Baby Single Pom-Pom Hat



 **Don't let the name throw you off, this beautiful hand made knitted Pom Pom hat fits toddlers as well. The Pom Pom Hat is very well made and stretchy enough to fit your children for up 3+ years old**




Removable fur balls, convenient for washing. 

Material: Cotton

Size: Hat circumference 40-50 cm

Fur Ball Size 13cm

(For 6 months-3 years)


Parents absolutely love these Pom Hats!
Get yours today for your Lil’ Ones and you’ll see what all the rave is about.
Not only are these Pom Hats adorable, but just imagine all the cute pictures you’ll be taking to treasure the memories of how cute your Lil’ One’s look in them.
Trust me, You’ll thank us later 😊