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Welcome to Little White Star!
Thank you for the interest you took us in. We offer unique and amazing lime of products for babies (0-24 months) and toddlers (2-6 years old). If you have a store, a boutique, or an e-commerce business, and like our clothes, then this is your opportunity to start a new cooperation with us.
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First time order - Minimum $500
Reorders - Minimum $200
Note; all wholesale orders can be placed ONLY after the application has been approved. All prices are in USD. Products and prices may vary periodically.


The usage of the pictures from our social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, etc.), and website featuring models and/or other kids is prohibited. 
All copyrights belong to Little White Star.
Usage of pictures that do not contain models/kids are allowed after receiving a written approval from an official representative of Little White Star.


Feel Free to drop us an email so we could start processing your application.


We are very excited to hear from you.
LittleWhiteStar- Wholesale team


Important: Little White Star reserves the right to decline any applications and also also may revoke an existing wholesale approval.