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Affiliate & Brand Ambassador Application


Become an Official Affiliate and Brand Ambassador for Little White Star


Share Your Unique Affiliate Link or Code & Get Paid!

Give out your Referral link or Referral Code to family and friends or post it on Facebook or other social media platforms! As long as someone was referred by your Referral Link/Code and completes a purchase, you get paid! Its that simple!! Your Referral Code comes with a discount attached to it. So everyone that checks out using your Referral Code will receive a savings on their entire purchase and you still get paid as well! That's a win win for everyone involved.

Sign up today! As an added bonus, if you are accepted to our Ambassador program, you will get a HUGE LIFE TIME DISCOUNT ON ALL Future purchases at Little White Star! How does that sound!?

***Get paid monthly simply by posting pictures of your baby/toddler wearing all the cute clothes on Instagram you purchased from Little White Star with that nice fat discount code you were given (You will be given one if accepted into the program).***
It's important that you reread that last paragraph and understand before applying... If accepted, Your Life Time Ambassador Discount Code is for purchasing items so that you can dress up your babies/toddlers/kids in Little White Star clothing and post on social media platforms. Your Referral Link and Referral Discount Code are used to track the traffic (people) that you send to Little White Star and pay you a commission if they purchase. 

If you are accepted, you don't have to wait for your items to arrive. Start posting your Referral Link and Referral Discount Code on social media right away!. As long as you get people to the website and they purchased, then you get paid!

Your Welcome email goes over in detail how this is done. So don't let terms you are not familiar with discourage you from applying. 

Continue reading on how to get your Baby Sponsored and receive FREE clothing and still get paid a commission!

But first, Make Sure the pictures you upload, that you are tagging them @little_white_star on Instagram and contain both hash tags:


We announce monthly winners on both our Official Instagram and Facebook pages.

Doing this allows you to win an extra $25 Gift Card each month!

The more pictures you post and tag, gives you a greater chance of winning and to be featured on all our Social Media Platforms! Making you and your baby a star!

Our Social Media Team is always checking whose tagging @little_white_star and hash tags #little_white_star ,  #LWSfeature .
They may even offer FREE Clothes and/or exclusive contracts to a select few!
So it's highly suggested that you upload nice clear pictures :)

Sign up today and we'll send you all the details!

P.S. When filling out the application and you reach the "Preferred Coupon Code," it's highly suggested you use your First Name + 1 to 3 easy to remember numbers. If accepted into the program, you'll be giving this out as your Referral Discount Code. 



If you no longer want to be in the program or your membership is terminated, your discount code will no longer be valid.

Little White Star is an equal opportunity Affiliate & Brand Ambassador employer. Little White Star also reserves the right to terminate your account at anytime with no reason given.